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Brocoli with mustard and chilly flakes.

sweetypea  a world class icon

Skills Include


Interior Design

​Mess making

​Cleaning her mess

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About sweetypea

Born in the South of LA in a hood known as "PV", Sweetypea established herself at a very young age as "The Boss".

When LAPD started to worry about her growing influence on the city of Angles, she was sent for 2 years in rehab in a farm close to NeverLand ranch. MJ said about her: "She's the incarnation of my Smooth Criminal".

Very soon though, CIA decided to send her in exil in Spain for National Security precaution. This period of her life was referred as her "napoleonic retreat" in the spirit of her adoration for France and the French.

After attending numerous ivy league universities across the US, she brilliantly graduated from Bastyr and became one of the country top RD multiplying interviews on Tele Mundo when not traveling around the World.

She is now married to a French man (the legend says she's the only one to understand him when he speaks English) and lives with him in San Francisco in a beautiful home she designed.

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